"I can't believe the difference in me after just 4 sessions.  I can't thank Helen enough for helping me see my true potential and guiding me on my journey to greater wellbeing.  I feel like the fog has been lifted.  Her caring nature and inner wisdom shine through.  She really is an angel and I won't hesitate to visit her again".  KG

Kerry Platts Goddard  - Exercise trainer

"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Helen Angel as her health coach practice partner. I can say unequivocally that there is no one in whom I would place more confidence to guide me wisely and compassionately along the path to greater self-knowledge and more robust health. Helen is a one-of-a-kind gift to the coaching profession. She brings decades of experience as a medical doctor to her coaching practice, as well as a sincere love for people and a desire to help them in any way within her means. I plan to recommend Helen's services to everyone I care about who finds himself or herself in need of an extraordinary health and life coach."

Robb Sals - Health and relationship coach 

"After reading the book "The Journey" twice, I decided to be my own guide. I retrieved some traumatic memories and strong emotions, but then couldn't move through them. I became depressed and realized I was stuck in a dark place.

Dr. Helen Angel offered to guide me. She was SO present with me (even though we did this on Skype), that I felt as if she was my Guardian Angel! Her soft voice, gentle demeanour and loving, patient support allowed me to fully feel my emotions and dive through them into a beautiful place of pure love, peace and joy. Dr. Angel is a master at guiding people through this deeply healing spiritual process. I give her my very highest recommendation."

Sally Sals 

"I loved the session with you Helen, and really value your time, your beautiful and gently energy, your teasing sense of humour and ability to let me look reality in the face.  It was a great session, so enlightening, so kind and yet at the same time open supportive reality.  The session alone has been an inspiration and I can quite see how no matter what the issue, the 'in the moment' inquiry and gently questioning led to things way outside of my conscious awareness.

Fiona Davis  - Emmet Practitioner

"Helen is a fantastic gift to humanity, a wonderful health coach and a really kind generous and compassionate human being. 

She brings to her coaching exceptional focus and attention to detail, with wisdom and knowledge gained from years of working as a Doctor. The psychological processes she works with have helped me to get clear on how to address my issues of diabetes, over weight and irritable bowel syndrome. After years of failing to loose weight I am finally getting a handle over managing things, more positively and differently. 

Her skill is to keep me on track, by holding the focus on the choices I want to make, and helping me develop my own healing process and goals. She has the patience to work with me on the solutions that work for me. I am so blessed to have found her. I have finally found someone who can motivate and inspire me to make some really good choices in my life in respect of my health. .

Dr Helen Angel lives up to her name. Over the last seven months she has mentored me and been there as a wonderful health counsellor. Her insights have been extremely helpful and she has enabled me to find my own solutions with helpful questions, ideas, and dogged determination that has kept me on track ! 

As a Type 2 diabetic I had not fully appreciated the importance of sticking to the dietary changes I need to make to sustain health into my eighties, and in particular the importance of giving up sugar. Helen has helped me to find helpful strategies, ways of improving my health and loosing weight and she has encouraged me to monitor and stick to them. The result is; I now eat less sugar, and am not putting on weight and indeed lost half a stone in the course of the counselling. 

Her background as a practicing GP is very reassuring, but she is refreshingly open and supportive of many alternative methods and I have never felt judged for making homeopathic or diet choices that suit me and working with a variety of different specialists from different disciplines. However her background in the Health service and mainstream medicine has also helped me to understand the reasoning behind some of the health decisions that I have needed to make, whilst being able to rationally consider alternatives which are less mainstream, and which sometimes can work alongside traditional medicines.

Health coaching is a wonderful way of getting oneself the support to make changes, and having someone as knowledgeable, kind and supportive as Helen is truly a gift of the angels!"

Su O’Donnell, Devon