Medical Consultation

Private Medical Consultation

GP consultation and advise from the comfort of your own home

  • Do you have a condition you would like more time to discuss with a medical doctor?
  • Or do you have difficulty expressing your whole story in a short consultation?
  • Do you want more time with a GP?
  • Would you like a second opinion from a medically qualified and experienced doctor with a holistic approach?
  • Would you like a consultation from the comfort of your own home?


In addition to the consultation your appointment may also include where appropriate:
– writing a private prescription
– providing a referral to a private Consultant
– recommending scans or X-rays
– recommending what other tests you may need
– a letter for your NHS GP, but ONLY if you SPECIFICALLY request this

Book a one hour appointment to discuss your health issues and make a plan how to improve your health

Note: This is not a free appointment as it is for specific medical advise. The fee is £100 per hour.