Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Make success inevitable. Make health fun.

Do you find yourself wishing you could make changes in your life but struggle to make changes that last?

Whether you want to feel happier, eat better, feel less stressed, or heal your health challenges,  Health Coaching can help.

With a Health Coach you can:

  • Develop a powerful, clear vision of who you are, and what and where you want to be
  • Transform any obstacles and challenges into your assets
  • Have someone to support you and find ways to make it easy for you and hold you to your goals.

Vibrant good health means having balance and flexibility at the physical, emotional, social, environmental, mental and spiritual levels. It means living life with joy and fulfilling your fullest potential, and purpose. Everyone is here to do just that. But life’s challenges can present obstacles and obstructions that hold us back, and can cause health issues. This may show up as physical or emotional issues.

Everyone is unique. Health coaching is individually tailored to your unique lifestyle, circumstances and personality.

As health coach I walk beside my clients on their journey back to health. I provide the structure and support to ensure sustainable success. And its fun and easy!

I offer health coaching to empower you to live a healthier, happier life.  I can help you understand how to create your optimum health


Holistic health for body mind and spirit.

  • Are you on an spiritual path but your body is not keeping up?
  • Do you want to help others but your body is putting constraints on how much you can do?
  • Or are you concerned that as you age you may not be able to keep your health?
  • Do you believe in perfect health but are not able to achieve it?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information on health and nutrition and not able to find what works for you ?
  • Or do you know what to do but just can’t sustain lifestyle changes for more than a week or two ?
  • Would you like personalised tips for abundant health, ways around any current problems, a holistic approach to health, an approach tailored to your body your lifestyle and your beliefs.  And would you like make changes to achieve optimal health and make it fun and easy?

I can help you discover the root cause of your health issues and how to change them. I can discuss your medication and I help you to understand how to reverse the progress of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

I am interested to empower you to take control of your health and improve your well being

I help identify the most effective changes that will fit in with your  lifestyle, home and family. I support you  to make healthy choices in a way that is easy and fun. I help you establish healthy pattens in your live so that it become just their normal way you like to do things, so its easy and automatic

I help identify any emotional challenges that underly the causes of poor health, as these are often the key factors  – and I help you to heal and transform them.

I help you clarify your goals and desires. I support when you need it.  I understand you as a unique individual and help you design your unique path to health. I give you tips and strategies when you get stuck.  I celebrate every success  – and I am there to hold you to your highest standards when you fall back. I am someone to walk the journey with you until it becomes your natural way of being.

I can help you to create a fuller happier life for yourself.



Why would you choose to come to ME to improve your health ?

Because I get results. My clients achieve success in changing their lives and having better health and wellbeing in every area of their lives

I work with you to make success inevitable.

Do you know that 95% of people who lose weight put it back on again within a year. With me you make habit change that lasts – it just becomes your normal way of doing things, because it fits in your lifestyle. 

I empower you to make the changes you want. I give you the support and encouragement, and I hold you to the highest goals for yourself, and when your motivation slips I remind you of your dreams. Our sessions are relaxed and fun, like chatting with a friend. 

And I use techniques that work to make change easy, uniquely tailored for you as a unique individual to develop your own intuition about your health and your life.   

I am a medical doctor and a coach – I know the details of how your body works, what creates disease and what creates health.

I have years of experience of working with people all illnesses from minor colds to life threatening conditions

I have worked in many countries as medical doctor and in health development and programme planning and management. This experience means that I have a unique understanding of the dynamics of culture and the environment on health. 

I myself faced a life threatening illness and though my own personal journey back to health, defying medical expectations,  I have explored some of the best methods of helping the body heal and maintain its natural good health. And I have taken the training so that I can make these available to my clients.

I have the best training. I am a certified health coach with the innovative Health Coach Institute which is changing the world through changing health. I have the best training in emotional therapy, with Brandon Bays the creator of The Journey, a deep healing process which changes lives. I am a qualified medical doctor with decades of experience. I am a certified Medical Hypnotherapist. I was initiated as a Vajracharya Diamond Teacher in China in the most profound meditation techniques using universal principles and light and sound  to bring deep peace and unity. They are very easy to learn and profoundly life changing.   

I am an international health coach. I work online so I can coach clients in any country with internet connection. 

I help people enjoy the freedom of good health and live happier, fulfilling lives.

Even minor health problems can inhibit you from feeling full confidence in yourself and setting high goals for your life. But sometimes you just accept them as inevitable or can’t find a way that works for you to overcome the problem. I coach you …..back to good health. 

I am a bridge between good medicine, healthy lifestyle and complementary health.

I love to work with people who really want good health and are willing to take responsibly for their own health. I will help you to open to the possibility of good health and belief in yourself and help you discover how to get there.  I have seen extraordinary changes in my clients and the effectiveness of this coaching is the reason I am committed to continuing as a health coach so I can help people make these real lasting changes in their lives. It is a great balance to my medical practice where I have less time to spend with my patients. I bring all my medical knowledge and expertise with my coaching skills to ensure success for my clients. 

I can help you turn difficulties into exciting challenges,

                                                            and turn the things that get you down into turning points of transformation.

I can help you change the way you think about yourself and your life and your world, bring your life to a new level to fulfil your dreams and your soul’s purpose and bring new meaning to your life 

There is a better future for you and you can make  it possible